Sunday, September 4, 2016

Windows Spotlight Wallpapers

If you are anything like me then you were super impressed by the new wallpapers Windows has been pushing out to Windows 10 machines. Well here is a PowerShell function that you can run to find them all, rename them and then sort them into two folders based on the width of the images, some will go into a phone wallpaper folder while the larger images will be saved in the default folder on your desktop.

Function Get-WindowsSpotlightWallpapers{
   Grabs Windows Spotlight Wallpapers
   Grabs Microsoft Spotlight Wallpapers and moves them to your desktop, filters out the wallpapers by width and moves the skinny images to a folder for phone wallpapers.
   PS :\> Get-WindowsSpotlightWallpapers
    Param (
            # Path to spotlight files
            [Parameter(Mandatory=$false, ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$true,Position=0)]
            $Path = "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets"
            # Moves to the directory the wallpapers are stored in.
            Set-Location -Path $Path
                # copies wallpapers to  folder on you desktop so we don't currupt the originals at all.
                Copy-Item -Path $Path -Recurse -Destination "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\" -Verbose
                    # renames files with .jpeg extention.
                    Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\" | Rename-Item -NewName { [io.path]::ChangeExtension($, "jpeg") } -Verbose
                        # deletes files smaller than 25000
                        Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\" | Where-Object {$_.Length -lt "25000"} | Remove-Item -Verbose
                           # creates a folder for the phone wallpapers
                            New-Item -Path "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\Windows Spotlight Phone Wallpapers" -ItemType Directory -Verbose | Out-Null
                            # filter files by image width then moves small files to phone wallpaper directory.
                            Function Get-Image{
                                     [System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Drawing") | Out-Null
                                      if( $fi.Exists){
                                                       $img = [System.Drawing.Image]::FromFile($_)
                                      } else { Write-Host "File not found: $_" -fore yellow }  
                            $PhoneWallpapers = Get-ChildItem "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\*.jpeg" -Recurse | % {
                                $image = $_ | Get-Image
                                    New-Object PSObject -Property  @{
                                                                        File = $
                                                                        Fullname = $_.Fullname
                                                                        Height = $image.Height
                                                                        Width = $image.Width
                        # starts 5 second sleep timer
                        Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
                # Goes through wallpapers and moved the smaller width files to the phone wallpaper directory.
                foreach($p in $PhoneWallpapers){
                    if(($p).Width -lt "1081"){
                        Move-Item -Path ($p).fullname -Destination "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\Windows Spotlight Phone Wallpapers\" -Verbose -Force
                    if(($p).Width -eq "272"){
                        Move-Item -Path ($p).fullname -Destination "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\Windows Spotlight Phone Wallpapers\" -Verbose -Force
               # starts 5 second sleep timer
               Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
                    if(($p).Width -lt "1081"){
                        Move-Item -Path ($p).fullname -Destination "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\Windows Spotlight Phone Wallpapers\" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose -Force
                    if(($p).Width -eq "272"){
                        Move-Item -Path ($p).fullname -Destination "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\Windows Spotlight Phone Wallpapers\" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Verbose -Force
Set-location "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\"
Invoke-Item "C:\Users\$env:USERNAME\Desktop\Windows Spotlight Wallpapers\"
} # end of function.

After running the script I would recommend setting the newly created folder on your desktop as the folder windows uses to grab you wallpapers from.

Simply hit the windows key and start tyoing 'wallpaper' and you should see something that says choose background....



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